Tagbrand.com — is the service which unites people who are interested in brands and clothes. Using the official Tagbrand iPhone application you can tag things on your photos, find interesting things on other community members’ photos and add them to your sets. By tagging a brand on the photo you make the so-called “brand-in” (by analogy with check-in).

Take photos of yourselves, tag brands of your things, making brand-ins, look at other people’s clothing and follow the trends.

You like a thing, but you don’t know what brand it is or where to buy it, do you? Just take photo and ask the community by making a questioning brand-in!

Imagine an ordinary situation: you are in a shop trying to buy a shirt but you like some shirts and you can’t decide which to choose. Or another situation: you are going to a business meeting or to a party, but you need advice on what to choose from your wardrobe.

iPhone Tagbrand application makes this choice fast and objective: create a poll involving several photos of these things and get plenty of advice on what to wear for a party or a business meeting or what to buy in a shop. You can restrict the number of people who can browse your poll by creating it only for your advisers.

So, Tagbrand is for those who love brands and style, for those who like buying good things and who want to be always in trend.

Be mobile, use our Tagbrand.com service with iPhone app Tagbrand.

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